It’s a box for books, DVD collections, samples and other types of flat items. Because of their proportions, they are made differently than standard rigid boxes.

Grooved 2-3mm greyboard is wrapped in different soft materials. Usually offset printed and laminated chalk overlay paper, though often also decorative papers, bookcloth or faux leather.
Slipcase is cube-shaped with one side open. It’s possible to make one side slanted, to create 7-sided solid figure, with two sides open.
We can also cut fingerholes. Triangle holes can be made before wrapping to cover greyboard edge.

Slipcase is usually inlaid with white or colour paper - it depends on a project.
We are also capable of producing die-cut slipcases. Printed and laminated 250-500g greyboard is die cut and assembled to make a solid shape. That type of slipcase isn’t as resilient or elegant, but it is a cheaper alternative.