Lid-bottom boxes


Lid-bottom box (PSW type) is a box where two similar parts come together. Lid is slightly wider than the bottom, so it can properly close over the bottom. Lid can be as tall as the bottom, or it can be much shorter.

It’s worth noting the difference between the same box made by scoring its edges (the left one) and grooving (the right one).Grooved edges are much sharper


1. Plain greyboard, or one inlaid with endpaper is cut into cross shape and grooved so it forms a box.

2. Glue is applied to a die-cut wrap and glued to the box form, then folded inside at the ends.

We can manufacture boxes as small as 55x50x15mm and as big as 420x420x120mm.

Sizes that don’t fall within that range can be made by hand, however it is more expansive, especially for high volumes.