Gunwale boxes are made out of three parts.

These are lid, bottom and gunwale attached to the bottom.

Usually lid and bottom have the same dimensions, although sometimes our clients want to vary their heights.

When part of gunwale sticking out the bottom is shorter than lid’s depth, then lid and bottom touch on the edge (left box).

If we extend gunwale further up, it’ll show a strip upon closing. Designers often use contrasting colours to accentuate that effect (right box).

When we make gunwale even higher, it’ll an have interesting effect on the box. Gunwale that is usually just a greyboard ‘chimney’, now makes up majority of the construction. That way we can make much larger bottom-lid boxes – 70, or even 100cm high.


It’s a modified design of low-gunwale box.

Lid and bottom are glued together with a thin piece of paper that forms an elastic hinge. Gunwale is the last piece that’s attached, and it can’t extend much above the bottom.

We can produce corpses of inner dimensions from 50x55x15mm to 400x350x120mm

Wrapping shouldn’t be laminated. It’s best to use untreated paper surfaces to ensure hinge will be properly attached.

These type of boxes are one of the more complicated and pricey. What’s priceless is their look.

They are perfect for liquor, jewellery, fountain pens and other exclusive products.