But what is ‘groovy’?

It’s a new technology of cutting grooves in greyboard.

They can be placed with high precision, down to 0,07mm.

Grooves can vary in angles and cross each other – thanks to that, they are basis for variety of products. You don’t have to crease the greyboard after wrapping and final look is near perfect.

When to use grooves?

There are four ways of bending greyboard:

  • Creasing
  • Scoring
  • Grooving!
  • Simply breaking it by hand… sic!

Few thoughts on other techniques.

Up to this point, most greyboard products were creased or scored. These techniques are pretty basic.

CREASING thin materials looks pretty good, although the thicker the material, the worse the effect. Traditional binders are creased and we’ve all got used to their weirdly looking edges. Most binders are made out of 2mm greyboard, since anything sturdier simply doesn’t work with this technique.

SCORING is making shallow cuts in greyboard and breaking it. Unfortunately broken greyboard looks awful and requires wrapping. Scored box edges are hollow under the wrap, soft and slightly rounded. Thicker greyboard makes that effect more pronounced.

Now it’s brag time