Click Box

Click Box

We would like to present you our latest pride!


In February2017 it earned us second place at Rema Days fair.

Although it is not wrapped, it’s still considered to be a hard box.

Entirely thought of, designed and registered by us - Click-Box for business cards.

It’s a box made out of thick, 3mm grey board, grooved and glued at the edges.

It’s named after unique locking mechanism.

A circle is cut out of the lid and glued to the side of the box, such that upon closing, you feel and hear satisfying ‘click’.

There’s more! These boxes are very resilient.

Version made for business cards has two additional holes. One on top, in the lid, to preview the contents. Second hole is situated at the bottom, so you can lift business cards with ease, without having to tip the box.

These boxes are NOT order only! They are always available, so all you need to do is just call us and make a dispatch order.