Rigid-boxes wrapped in paper are our primary product, so we’ve decided to write about them some more.

Those are premium-class products and these descriptions will help establishing common vocabulary. Here you’ll get to know terms we use to describe our boxes. Our galleries are full of examples, so if you are interested in one of our products, you can simply point at the picture.

Boxes can be categorized by many criteria. First and foremost based on their purpose. You can use our boxes as:

  • Retail boxes for selling other products (cosmetics, electronics, jewellery, books, games)
  • Gift boxes
  • Storage boxes – our boxes are quite resilient
  • Decorative boxes – they are so pretty you could just look at tchem
  • Transport boxes

The most important categories are based on how they are manufactured. We can separate several basic types of boxes:
  1. Rigid boxes – This is our speciality. They can be further divided into subcategories, although everyone shares some characteristics – each is made from greyboard (1-4mm thick) and each can be wrapped with decorative or printed paper.
    - Lid-bottom (two part box)
    - Cover-corps box.
    - Gunwale boxes including case boxes
    Clamshell – made from a single part, with lid
    - Slipcase – open box for books and DVDs
  2. There is also a new type of box glued at the edge. We are the first in Poland to start their production. We’ve developed technology and manufacturing process. They are minimalistic, green and aesthetically pleasing. One example is our registered product - business card ClickBox
  3. FEFCO boxes – usually made from corrugated cardboard. They are made for transporting of other products. They are often very plain – their main job is protection and help with logistics.
  4. Die-cut boxes – cheaper box type. They can made from coated corrugated cardboard or cardboard 250-500g thick. This is the most popular type of retail box. Cheap to produce, easy to print on and otherwise enhance. Their main advantage is their low price. One example of such box is simple packaging for cheap tea. Although we are capable of manufacturing such product, our speciality lies with rigid-boxes.

Rigid-box corps can be made with traditional scoring method (picture to the left) or grooves (shown to the right). Grooved boxes have sharp edges, while scoring leaves them slightly rounded and soft. With the latter method there is always some air trapped between greyboard and paper.


Paper wrap is folded into the box. Minimal length is about 12-13mm, although we can make it much longer, so it reaches to the box bottom. Variable height is handy especially when there is foam or other insert. You can design a box, so that the fold is hidden.


Sometimes items fill the box really snugly. For example notepaper, or banknotes… :)

We can then make a finger hole and wrap the box to cover any showing greyboard. These holes can have variable heights as well.