Greyboard with foam


One of our oldest products is greyboard inlaid with foam. We can manufacture it in variety of options:

- Foam thickness 2,3 and 4mm (thicker foams on demand)

- Greyboard thickness 1.2, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3mm (other thickness on demand)

- Smooth GD2 250g/m2 paper– it helps when wrapping with thin materials,smooths the surface and adds springiness.

We can use different materials on client’s request.

Available formats:

-In A1 (610x860mm) and B1(700x1000mm) sheets

- Cut to desired size

Our greyboard is used by many printeries and publishers.

Every year millions of hard cover, calendars, children’s books, souvenirs and albums are made with it.

If you are publisher, printery or calendar maker, then we have product for you!